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About Us

Our company helps writers that are just starting out as well as writers that have never had their songs published and/or recorded.


Recording artisits and record companies will never listen to unsolicited material sent to them by writers (they don't for legal reasons) unless they know you or, someone that knows them recommends your material i.e. a known: agent, manager, lawyer or publishing company, like us.


This is where we can help you.  We can get the right people to listen to your songs.


Being a writer is not easy, you need to have tough skin to survive as many doors will close before one opens for you.  We can help open some doors for you and your songs.


However, we must be selective as we are unable to represent every writer that we meet.

As soon as we hear your material we will know if your songs have potential.  Writing songs is easy, writing a good song or hit song is not.


If you have a good song or songs get in touch with us.  Your songs do not need to be highly produced but we will require a decent demo to present to record companies.


If your songs are not yet recorded, no problem, we have access to studios, musicians and a pre-production team who can record your songs to the required standard to present to labels and major artists.  Please note: we do not profit from from this, you pay the studio direct, we do however get you a reduced rate or, you can find a studio & musicians and do it yourself.


We cannot promise that your songs will be cut or chart but then again, you never know.


Please Note: Do Not send us unsolicited material.  Contact us to arrange a meeting first.

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